Yuri Podverbnyj

Yuri was born in 1976 in the village of Asarevichi, Gomel Region.

1993-1997at Gomel School of Arts, Gomel.
1997-2002Study at Belarussian Academy of Arts, Minsk.
since 2002Creative work in the field of graphic design.
Participation in the following exhibitions
1994College of music -Gomel, Belarus.
1996Exhibition of scholars fund on support of talented youth - Minsk, Belarus.
1997"Diplomnik 97" - Gomel, Belarus.
1997Palace a Youth - Minsk, Belarus.
1998Jubilee exhibition of Glebovskogo Artistic School - Palace of Arts - Minsk, Belarus.
1999Exhibition of students of the Academy of Arts - Minsk, Belarus.
2000Exhibition of works of young photographers - debutants "Homo Novus" - Gallery "Nova", Minsk, Belarus.
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