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Valery Gints

All pictures you can see here are oil and canvas. Dimensions are in millimeters.

Click on a picture for better view.

"Ancestors' Call"
(950800, 1995)

(530x590, 1994)

"Stars Will Stay Here"
(810610, 1994)

"Wipe the Eyes on Earth"
(610810, 1994)

"Throwing the Stones"
(700900, 1995)

"Don't worry!"
(810910, 1996)

"When Tomorrow Comes"
(700x900, 1995)

"This Time"
(900x750, 1994)

"Lay Your Hand on My Shoulder"
(910910, 1996)

"Far-far Away"
(900x750, 1994)

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