Natasha Vinogradova

Natasha is comparatively new to the embroidery field. She began in 1988 with small, modest work. With every passing day, her craft grew and improved.
She began to embroider larger and more intricate pictures. Step by step, her hobby became thoroughly integrated into her life.

Natasha has spent many evenings 'drawing' with a needle and thread. At last she was able to debut her work at an exhibition where many people from all walks of life were able to share in her creativity.
Both young and old found something of themselves in her art. What is no less important is that by exhibiting her handiwork, her art has found new homes not only in Belarus, but in Germany, Israel, Russia, and the United States as well.

Please take a moment to peruse her work and order those that you think would bring pleasure to yourself, friends, relatives, or business associates.

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