Gennady Mironov

Born 26 May 1961.
Graduated from Minsk Fine Arts College. Professional painter from 1985.

1988 - first individual exhibition on the street (Minsk).

Became a member of foundation of Russian Contemporary Art (Munchen).
Exhibitions of foundation:
Leningrad, Moscow, Gomel, Grodno, Voronezh, Kharkov, Kiev, Munchen, Paris...

Since 1990 he is the principal artist of "BOST-ART" Gallery in Kiev.

Exhibitions (1990 - 2000):
Kiev, Minsk, Luxemburg, Amsterdam, Vien, Donetsk, Sympheropol... The participations in more than 50 exhibitions.

There is a lot of paintings in musiems and private collections.

In the autumn 1988 - belorussian people gifted Mironov's painting to Ioann Pavel II.

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