Elena Shichko

Elena was born in 1976 January 24 in Minsk, Belarus.

2001-now timePhD student at the Institute of Art Criticism, Ethnography and Folklore of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
2001-2003Creative Art Studios of Painting and Sculpture by Ministry of Culture of Belarus.
1995-2001Belarusian State Academy of Art (Graphik Fine Art Department).
1991-1995Art college. Belarus.
From 2003Member of the Union of Artists of Belarus.
2003-now timeartist and desiginer at The Highest Joiner's League. Moscow.
2000Personal Exhibition "Graphic". Nordwalde. Germany.
2001-2003Creative Art Studios of Painting and Sculpture by Ministry of Culture of Belarus, scholarship.
20022 place in graphic nomination in republic exhibition "Time does not stay and does not wait". Palace of art . Minsk. Belarus.
2001Honors Degree of Belarussian State Academy of Art , Graphic department.
2000Prize in international competition of mini-print "M.K.Churlionis-125" . Vilnius . Lithuania.
20003-rd Place in graphic nomination . Republic exhibition "New Names" Palace of Art. Minsk . Belarus.
1999Prize at the 2-nd International Ex-libris exhibition "50 years of the Council of Europe" Rieka .Croatia.
1998Prize at the republic exhibition "Time, Space, Person." Palace of Art. Minsk. Belarus.
2003International Ex-libris competition "Guiblieo 2000", Pescara, Guiblieo, Italy.
2003Republic exhibition "drawing 2003" National Gallery of Fine Art, Minsk, Belarus.
2003International Mini-Print and Bookplate Exhibition "European Cities". National Museum of Art Cluj-Napoca. Cluj-Napoka, Romania.
20031th International Es-libris Competition Exhibition- Ankara 2003. Hacettepe University, Ankara.
2003"Digest Manege gallery".Gallery Manege. Moscow. Russia.
200314th International ex libris Biennial " Mithologie" . International Exlibriscenter Sint-Niklaas. Belgium.
2003International ex libris competition "The Dream of Aphrodite" Acqui Terme. Italy.
20036th International Biennial of Engraving. Premio Acqui. Acqui Terme. Italia.
2003"Art-Salon" gallery "Manege" Moscow.
2003International Art Salon. Central House of Artist. Moscow. Russia.
2002Republic exhibition "Time does not stay and does not wait" 2 place in graphic nomination. Palace of art. Minsk. Belarus.
2002Group exhibition of engravings "House of Prute ", gallery "Terre des Homme". Minsk. Belarus.
2002Group exhibition "Double-2" Museum of Modern Art. Minsk. Belarus.
200111-th International biennial of graphic. Varna. Bulgaria.
20015-th International biennial of graphic "Josep de Ribera" Hativa. Spain.
2001International Ex-libris exhibition "Mithological Characters of 21-st Century" Mexico. Mexico.
20013-rd International Ex-libris exhibition Rieka. Croatia.
20014-th International triennial mini-print. Vilnius. Lithuania.
2001International exhibition of graphic art " Ecology, Human, Nature, Fauna in the 3-rd Millenium" Vilnius. Lithuania.
20014-th International triennial of mini-prints. Vilnius. Lithuania.
2001International exhibition of Graphic "Ecology, Man, Nature, Fauna in the III-rd Millenium". Vilnius. Lithuania.
2001Group exhibition of Graphic. Graphic Center. Gallery "Left, Right" Vilnius. Lithuania.
2001The 1-st International exhibition al awarded authors of Graphics at Rijeka Ex-libris. Rijeka. Croatia.
2000Personal Exhibition "Graphic". Nordwalde. Germany.
2000International biennal of graphic "Josep de Ribera". Xativa. Spain.
2000Republic exhibition mini - print. Grodno. Belarus.
2000International competition of mini - prints. "M.K.Churlionis. - 125", prize. Vilnius, Lithuania.
2000Republic exhibition "The New Names", 3 place in graphic. Palace of Arts, Minsk, Belarus.
2000Group exhibition of graphic department of Belarus Academy of Art. Museum ASP. Wroslaw. Poland.
2000The 6-th International biennial of miniature arts. The Cultural Center Gornji Milanovac. Jugoslavia.
1999International triennial mini - print. Tokyo, Japan.
1999Group exhibition "Vandrouka", gallery . Minsk. Belarus.
19992nd International exhibition "Ex - libris of 50th Anniversary of the Council of Europe", prize. Rijeka. Croatia.
1999Exhibition of graphic department of Belarus Academy of Arts. Museum of Modern Art, Minsk, Belarus.
1999Group exhibition "3". Gallery "Mastak". Minsk. Belarus.
1998International group "Ex - libris" exhibinion and plenair, Miedzynarodowy Dom Spotkan Mlodziezy. Krzyzowa. Poland.
1998Republic exhibition "Time, space, person", prize. Palace of Arts. Minsk. Belarus.
1998Republic exhibition "Drawing 98". Palace of Arts. Minsk. Belarus.
1998, 2000Republic exhibition "Artist and Book - 98, 2000". Palace of Arts. Minsk. Belarus.
1998Republic exhibition "Time, space, person", prize. Palace of Arts. Minsk. Belarus.
1995Group exhibition at Hull's Maison du Citoyen. Hull. Canada.
International "Marathon - Artistique", group exhibition ARCO, Nevers, France.
Museum of Modern Art in Minsk , Belarus ; museum "Tama Art University " Japan, museum in Tetovo Makedonia, Ankara Ex-libris Sosiety, International Ex-libris Center of Sint-Niklaas in private collections in Germany ,France, Poland, Lithuania, Japan, Croatia , Canada, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Argentina, USA.
Belarussian, Russian, English.
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